Why Things Are Going To Get Worse - And Why We Should Be Glad by Michael Roscoe

Written by Financial Times journalist Michael Roscoe, this book explores why we must forget about growth, recognize that all wealth comes from the earth and share earnings more fairly. Using graphs, it creates a powerful picture of why our economy is getting worse and how we can make things better. 'If you want to gain a better understanding of macro economics and the relationship between money, wealth and work, read this book. The author brings new ideas into an old subject, supporting his arguments with real data.' - Michael Crawshaw, Former Head of European Research, Citigroup. Paperback, 352 pages.


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The free-market capitalist system is in the process of collapse and we must now adjust to the reality of declining prosperity in the West. We should forget about growth and concentrate instead on the creation of jobs and reducing fossil fuel use – and it isn’t impossible to achieve these two apparently conflicting aims.

This is the main thrust of the author’s argument and through the use of clear consistent charts he builds his case up from first principles. He graphically illustrates every important point and creates a compelling and powerful picture of why it’s bad, why it’s going to get worse and why this presents an opportunity to make things better.

This is a vision of life in which we will be forced to confront the real issues. Among other things, we must recognise that all wealth comes from the earth; we must concentrate on creating jobs and sharing earnings more fairly; we should have more regulation especially in relation to banks and corporations and reducing competition between nations. And most of all we must return to the real values of real industry away from the current obsession with making money from money.

Michael Roscoe is a journalist with many years experience in the interpretation of data and the illustration of such information in graphic form, accompanied by clear and concise text. He has worked at the Financial Times, The Economist, The Daily Telegraph and The Independent.

Voted a Times Higher Education’s Book of 2014.

'People around the world, especially the young, are asking what's gone wrong with the system. Where are the jobs now? What about global warming? If you're in search of answers and are not afraid of hard truths, this is the book for you.' - Professor Danny Dorling, University of Oxford.

'A brilliant method to organize and invigorate the discussion on how to solve our current economic, environmental and political problems. Not everyone has the patience and skill to sift through all the data available and come up with a coherent picture. We have to thank Roscoe for that.' - Richard Smaby, the Pierce Progressive.

'Michael Roscoe has a rare skill for telling a story through charts.' - Hamish McRae, associate editor and principal economic commentator, The Independent.

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Format: Paperback
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