The No-Nonsense Guide to Fair Trade - New Edition

Author: Sally Blundell

A completely new investigation of the fair trade phenomenon, from the origins to what it is likely to become.

We need to put justice, dignity and people's freedom into the trade equation - and this is what Sally Blundell's excellent guide helps us to do.
Vandana Shiva , Indian Philospoher and Environmental Activist


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This completely new investigation of the fair trade phenomenon looks in depth at the emergence over the last two decades of a movement that aims to challenge the ethical foundations of the global market. While transnational corporations engage in a race to the bottom for the cheapest suppliers, the fair trade movement insists on a premium for the producers at the start of the chain – for the coffee producer in Colombia, the cocoa farmer in Ghana or the olive grower in Palestine. Yet even as the fair trade movement has gained momentum it has hit problems of its own – some have been angered by the granting of a Fairtrade mark to the biggest food corporations, worried that it is becoming just another kind of promotion.
Sally Blundell uncovers the origins of fair trade, looks at examples from all over the world of how it is working and asks what it is likely to become.

Sally Blundell is a freelance journalist and writer in Christchurch, New Zealand. She has conducted research, interviews and reports for Trade Aid, New Zealand’s largest fair trade organization. She has written a history of the Trade Aid Movement.

Paperback: 140 pages
Publisher: New Internationalist (September 2013)
Language: English
Dimensions: 180 mm x 110 mm

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ISBN 978-1-78026-133-1
Supplier New Internationalist
Ethics Eco Friendly, Educational, New Internationalist

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