The Wholeleaf Co

The Wholeleaf Company The Wholeleaf Co. was started by three friends George, Peter and Adejare in 2007. As the story goes, George went to visit family in India and came back with some bowls made from palm leaves. He showed them to his brother Peter and their friend Adejare.

We felt that these natural and sustainable products could help change the lives of the people who make them in rural India as well as helping to reduce non-biodegradable waste going to landfill in the UK, so we set up The Wholeleaf Co.

Since then we've been delivering top quality Ecofriendly Disposable Palm Leaf Products, for a good price and from an ethical source.

About our products
Wholeleaf products are made from nothing but naturally fallen Indian palm leaves. It's a renewable material almost 60 billion palm leaves fall to ground in India every year.

All we do to turn the leaf into a party plate, bowl or platter is wash it in locally sourced spring water and heat press it into shape.

That's it.

The heat makes our products ready to eat from and, once formed, they keep their strength and toughness until they are ready to go back into the soil when you compost them.

We don't use any chemicals, resins, agents, glues or anything else just the leaf, the Wholeleaf and nothing but the leaf and some water.

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