Deeyah Deepika "Deeyah" Thathaal (born August 7, 1977 in Oslo, Norway), is a Pakistani-Norwegian singer, composer, film maker and human rights activist of Punjabi/Pathan descent. Her style contains elements of pop, metal, electronica and world music particularly fusion of Pakistani pop and classical sounds.

In her early days, she trained under the great music maestro Ustad Bade Fateh Ali Khan. She would later be signed by the largest independent record company Kirkelig Kulturverksted where she recorded two earlier albums with her mentors and other ustads and maestros from the subcontinent.

Deepika has produced controversial tracks usually talking about free speech and women's rights. She joined forces with The World Forum on Music and Censorship Freemuse to release Banned, a compilation album of banned artists from across the world.

Photo with Salman Rushdie