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  • One World Two: A Second Global Anthology of Short Stories

    Another globe-trotting collection of stories, introducing a diverse range of writers (many well-known alongside some new discoveries), narratives and perspectives conveying the reader across continents, cultures and landscapes. One World Two is even more ambitious than Volume One in its geographic scope, featuring 21 writers drawn from every continent. One World [Vol 1] captures a moment in history representing the changing and evolving world that we are in while reminding us of the enduring nature of the human condition. - World Literature Today Also available as an eBook Learn More

    Regular Price: £9.99

    Special Price £1.99

  • Cooked Up: Food Fiction from Around the World (anthology)

    Our relationship with food is explored and reflected in all its delectable diversity in this collection of sixteen authors' stories. 'A rich collection of short stories by various writers where food is a weapon or armour, an expression of deep conservatism or freedom, a metaphor for our times and much more besides.' - The Independent. Also available as an eBook Learn More

    Regular Price: £9.99

    Special Price £5.00

  • No Nonsense Guide to Global Media

    This No-Nonsense Guide introduces the political economy of the major media. 144 pages. Learn More

    Regular Price: £5.00

    Special Price £1.00

  • No Nonsense Guide to HIV/AIDS

    No Nonsense Guide to HIV/AIDS Learn More

    Regular Price: £6.99

    Special Price £1.40

  • Little Worm’s Big Question (Hardback) by Schlunke & Polyp

    A wild and humorous adventure evoking a sense of wonder and fascination with the natural world, woven with subtle messages of sustainability and self worth. 'An enchanting, witty and mesmerizingly illustrated modern fable, with a humble but intrepid hero whose epic journey weaves together a tale of emotional and ecological awareness.' - Caroline Lucas, Green Party MP. Hardback, 32 pages Learn More

    Regular Price: £7.99

    Special Price £3.00

  • NoNonsense ISIS and Syria by Phyllis Bennis

    A clear and accessible explanation of the rise of Islamic State and recent events in the new global war on terror. ‘An indispensable account of the complex turmoil afflicting the Middle East.’ - Richard Falk, Professor Emeritus of International Law & Practice at Princeton University. Also available as an eBook Learn More

    Regular Price: £7.99

    Special Price £2.00

  • NoNonsense Renewable Energy by Danny Chivers

    Explains solar, wind, hydro, wave, geothermal and other technologies, and how to break the barriers to a 100-per-cent renewable world.

    'An essential read for anyone who is planning to be part of the energy revolution.' - Kim Bryan, Centre for Alternative Technology, Wales.

    Also available as an eBook Learn More

    Regular Price: £7.99

    Special Price £4.00

  • Austerity: The Demolition of the Welfare State and the Rise of the Zombie Economy by Kerry-Anne Mendoza

    A scathing critique of Austerity, the transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich, and the long-term project to deliver our hospitals and schools into the hands of corporate power. Now with new material: 10 Economic Myths, written by New Internationalist co-editors Dinyar Godrej and David Ransom. 'Please read this book. In an age of cynicism, disinformation, sloppy journalism and despair, this is a joy – a heart-breaking, well-informed, intelligent and important joy. Read this book and tell anyone else you meet to read this book. It could help to save us all.’ - AL Kennedy, writer & performer. Learn More

    Regular Price: £9.99

    Special Price £2.00

  • Fair Trials Manual - Second Edition

    Every criminal trial tests the state’s commitment to justice and respect for human rights. Whatever the crime, if people are subjected to unfair trials, justice is not served for the accused, the victim of the crime or the public. Since 1998, the Amnesty International Fair Trial Manual has been an internationally trusted guide to fair trial standards for criminal cases. The second edition is the fully revised and updated text. Who is this book for? The Manual is a valuable source of information for: Anybody assessing the fairness of an individual criminal case or a criminal justice system Staff and volunteers of NGOs Lawyers and other legal professionals Trial observers Government officials Legislators International and regional bodies, including the UN Law schools and students Legal libraries The Fair Trial Manual presents straightforward information about international and regional legal standards in a user-friendly format. It is therefore suitable for a range of audiences, regardless of the reader’s level of legal knowledge. Paperback: 290 pages Size: 21cm x 1.7cm x 29.7cm Learn More

    Regular Price: £30.00

    Special Price £15.00

  • The Memory We Could Be by Daniel Macmillen Voskoboynik (PB)

    Moving beyond the sterile, technical language that has pervaded discussions around climate change and ecology, this book seeks to humanise the abstraction of global warming and bring different voices into the conversation. Drawing on a huge variety of sources, the author weaves a concise, lyrical and powerful story of our relationship with nature. Paperback. 280 Pages. Size: 21.6cm x 13.8cm. Publisher: New Internationalist. Language: English. Learn More

    Regular Price: £9.99

    Special Price £2.00

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