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Cooked Up: Food Fiction from Around the World (anthology)

Our relationship with food is explored and reflected in all its delectable diversity in this collection of sixteen authors' stories. 'A rich collection of short stories by various writers where food is a weapon or armour, an expression of deep conservatism or freedom, a metaphor for our times and much more besides.' - The Independent. Also available as an eBook


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Food is our common ground, bringing together families, communities and cultures. How we cook and eat can tell us a lot about ourselves. Food can evoke memories good and bad; can be symbolic of where we come from or where we want to be.

Celebrating this universal experience, Cooked Up, compiled by Elaine Chiew, draws together authors from all over the world, each bringing to the table a unique literary interpretation of the food theme. A young man attempts to avoid military service by over-eating... a woman re-enacts her husband's infidelities with fish bones... students at a cookery school war over woks... a food bank visitor gets more than she bargained for...

Meals are prepared and shared from Cambodia to an Indian kitchen in the US, from Russia to war-torn Croatia. These are mere glimpses into the rich variety of short stories (including flash fiction) contained in this book - a veritable treat for the senses and an uplifting cross-cultural reading experience.

Elaine Chiew
Chitra Banarjee Divakaruni
Rachel J. Fenton
Diana Ferraro
Vanessa Gebbie
Pippa Goldschmidt
Sue Guiney
Patrick J. Holland
Roy Kesey
Charles Lambert
Krystyn Lee
Stefani Nellen
Mukoma Wa Ngugi
Ben Okri
Susannah Rickards
Nikesh Shukla

'A delectable collection, perfect for anyone who loves both food and fiction'. - Diana Henry, food writer, Sunday Telegraph

Hear Elaine Chiew (editor and author) and Pippa Goldschmidt (author) talk about the book on BBC Radio Scotland Culture Studio, 31 minutes in.

Read an exclusive interview with the organizer, editor and also a contributing writer of the 'Cooked Up' anthology, Elaine Chiew.

Paperback: 208 pages
Publisher: New Internationalist (April 2015)
Language: English
Dimensions: 19 cm x 13 cm

For further information visit the Cooked Up website at cookedupfiction.org and like the book on Facebook.

Additional info

Additional info

ISBN 9781780262147
Supplier New Internationalist
Ethics Eco Friendly, Educational, New Internationalist

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