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If you have a query about your order or any other aspect of our shop, please do look through our How to Shop guide and Frequently Asked Questions, or contact us through the form below if these don't answer your question. Indicating your query topic through the 'Department' menu in this form will help us direct your query appropriately.

For 'Technical' queries

  • Only choose the 'Technical/Web shop problems' department when reporting malfunctions and bugs on this website.
  • For us to fix bugs, we need to reproduce them. Please describe clearly how we can do so: ie. describe the page that you see immediately before your problem, what you then do on this page (e.g. what button you click or text you enter), and what you then see.
  • We also need to know your browser and your computer's operating system. You can find these (in a form that you can paste into your query) here.

Direct phone and email for customer support

You can also phone our customer services team on +44 (0)1420 525540 between 9am and 5pm Mon-Fri year round, and 9am and 4pm on the last two Saturdays in November and the first two Saturdays in December, or email them.

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