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  • Chunky Cookbooks - set of three

    Chunky Cookbooks - set of three

    Vegetarian main dishes from around the world
    Salads and side dishes from around the world
    Desserts and drinks from around the world

    Learn More

    Regular Price: £15.00

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  • Vegan Love Story - Hiltl & Tibits: The Cookbook (PB)

    Tibits is one of London's top vegan/vegetarian restaurants and Hiltl, in Zurich, is the oldest vegetarian restaurant in the world. This successful partnership presents 80 recipes with influences from all over the world, beautiful photography and information about some of the key ingredients in vegan cuisine.

    'Like their restaurants, tibits’ and Hiltl’s new cookbook showcases a huge range of original and tasty veggie dishes. With ingredients and flavours from around the world, Vegan Love Story provides lots of inspiration to eat meat free!' - Paul, Mary and Stella McCartney, on behalf of Meat Free Monday.

    Paperback, 232 pages. Learn More

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  • Zaitoun Recipes and Stories from the Palestinian Kitchen by Yasmin Khan (HB)

    A dazzling cookbook with vibrant recipes, captivating stories and stunning photography from Palestine. Hardback. 256 pages. Size: 24.5cm x 19cm. Learn More

  • Global Vegetarian Kitchen by Troth Wells (hardback)

    If you are going to buy one cookery book this year - this is a must. So stock up your spice rack and take your taste buds travelling. This stunning book has full-colour recipe photographs throughout. It starts from where you are, whether you only have a window box with some herbs or an allotment. There are dishes you can make from your own garden, as well as popular foods from all parts of the world. Over 100 easy to follow vegetarian recipes with an emphasis on simplicity and versatility. With suggestions for substitute ingredients, useful facts and helpful hints. Hardback: 256 pages Size: 25cm x 18cm Learn More

  • The Immigrant Cookbook by Leyla Moushabeck

    Seventy-five immigrant chefs each contribute a favourite recipe that speaks of where they come from. In travelling the world and in settling in a new country the influence of these chefs and many others have transformed they way we eat. New Internationalist will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each copy of The Immigrant Cookbook to Migrant Rights Network. Learn More

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