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  • Bees in the City

    Brian McCallum and Alison Benjamin report from the rooftop of Fortnum and Masons in Piccadilly and the grounds of Buckingham Palace to the Square Mile’s skyscrapers, banks and law courts, out to the city farms, back yards and council flat balconies of south London, allotments to the west, a honey co-op in the east end, and wildlife parks and gardens in the north, the landscape of the capital is now dotted with bee hives. Learn More

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  • Vegan Love Story - Hiltl & Tibits: The Cookbook (PB)

    Tibits is one of London's top vegan/vegetarian restaurants and Hiltl, in Zurich, is the oldest vegetarian restaurant in the world. This successful partnership presents 80 recipes with influences from all over the world, beautiful photography and information about some of the key ingredients in vegan cuisine.

    'Like their restaurants, tibits’ and Hiltl’s new cookbook showcases a huge range of original and tasty veggie dishes. With ingredients and flavours from around the world, Vegan Love Story provides lots of inspiration to eat meat free!' - Paul, Mary and Stella McCartney, on behalf of Meat Free Monday.

    Paperback, 232 pages. Learn More

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  • Zaitoun Recipes and Stories from the Palestinian Kitchen by Yasmin Khan (HB)

    A dazzling cookbook with vibrant recipes, captivating stories and stunning photography from Palestine. Hardback. 256 pages. Size: 24.5cm x 19cm. Learn More

  • Sensible Footwear: A Girl's Guide by Kate Charlesworth (PB)

    Cartoonist Kate Charlesworth presents a glorious pageant of LGBTQI+ history, as she takes us on a PRIDE march past personal and political milestones from the 1950s to the present day. Peopled by a cast of gay icons such as Dusty Springfield, Billie Jean King, Dirk Bogarde and Alan Turing, and featuring key moments such as Stonewall, Gay Pride and Section 28, Sensible Footwear: A Girl's Guide, is the first graphic history documenting lesbian life from 1950 to the present. It is a stunning, personal, graphic memoir and a milestone itself in LGBTQI+ history. Size: 24cm x 18cm. Paperback. 320 pages. Learn More

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  • Discover the World - Look and Find Puzzle

    A double marvel: a fun game and a beautiful map of the world. Recommended for kids from 6 years old and up. 200 pieces. Made from recycled cardboard. Age: 6+ years. Map size: 67cm x 48cm. Box size: 20cm x 30cm x 8cm Learn More

  • Oneness vs the 1% by Vandana Shiva (PB)

    Award-winning activist and bestselling author Vandana Shiva exposes the unaccountable actions of the ultra-rich and exposes the 1%'s model of philanthrocapitalism. A model which is deploying unaccountable money to bypass democratic structures, derail diversity, and impose totalitarianism. Paperback. 200 pages. 21.6cm x 13.8cm. Learn More

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  • eBook: Colouring the Future: Why the United Nations plan to end poverty and wars is working by Gary Rynhart

    The world is in a mess – but the United Nations has a plan to fix things. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are little talked about but they are ambitious, utopian and cover a vast range of seemingly intractable issues. What is more, this book argues, they will probably work. 208 pages.

    Learn More

  • The Sustainable(ish) Living Guide by Jen Gale

    Everything you need to know to make small changes that make a big difference. Easy, do-able, down to earth ideas and suggestions for everyone to help save the planet. Paperback. 304 pages. Size: 23.3cm x 15.2cm

    Learn More

  • Migrations: Open Hearts, Open Borders by multiple authors (HB)

    Migrations Open Hearts, Open Borders by Shaun Tan carries a powerful message about human migration, showing how cultures, ideas and aspirations flow despite borders, barriers and bans. It is filled with a unique collection of images created by illustrators from 28 countries on the theme of human migration. Introduction by Shaun Tan. Hardback, 112 pages. Suitable for: 8+ years. Size: 13.5cm x 18.5cm Learn More

  • Peace Beyond Borders by Vijay Mehta

    The process of political integration of the EU has eliminated the reasons for conflict, and this model can be exported. How did the world’s most warlike continent become its most peaceful one? Mehta argues that the process of political integration through the European Union has eliminated the reasons for conflict, and that this same model can be exported to Africa, The Americas, Asia, Australasia, and the Middle East and North Africa region, providing a promising glimpse of world peace. Paperback, 219 pages. Learn More

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