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  • The Rough Guide to Latin Music for Children

    Children’s songs in lively Latin styles tell stories of ancient kingdoms, mythical journeys, natural wonders and, of course, a host of wild animals. Double CD, containing a total of 23 tracks. Learn More

  • The Rough Guide To The Music Of Palestine

    Palestine is a beautiful ancient land of faith where conflict appears to overshadow its creative voices. This unique Rough Guide explores the diverse and wonderful array of music that springs out of adversity and expresses the deep roots of Palestinian identity. Compiled by Nili Belkind & Nadeem Karkabi 'The music here comesfrom across the Palestinian diaspora, and the range is remakable' The Guardian Learn More

  • The Rough Guide To Music Without Frontiers CD

    This collection celebrates the remarkable and diverse music of the indigenous peoples and minorities living in unrecognized or occupied territories around the world. Learn More

  • The Rough Guide To World Playtime (plus Mory Kante CD)

    Disc 1 is a delightful selection of children's music from clapping games to rhyming songs to dancing tunes. Disc 2 features the legendary West African singer and kora player Mory Kanté.

    Disc 1

    1. Maria De Barros: Oh Menel (3:44)
    2. Bela Lakatos & The Gypsy Youth Project: Muro Shavo Kiki (My Dear Son Kiki) (2:17)
    3. Ukulele Club De Paris: Chigadaging (2:51)
    4. Lura: Na Ri Na (3:38)
    5. Mariza: Transparante (2:31)
    6. Hijas Del Sol: Bilaba Biè Työ (3:58)
    7. Mory Kante: Djou (5:34)
    8. Peru Negro: Negrito (4:14)
    9. Chico César: Soluço (3:11)
    10. Takashi Hirayasu And Bob Brozman: Akata Sun Dunchi (4:27)
    11. Lorin Sklamberg: Geyt Zikh A Bahelferl (3:18)
    12. EA! Feat. Pilar 'La Monica' & J. J. Madrera: El Patio (1:54)
    13. Akim El Sikameya: Sa Majeste Lila (4:05)
    14. Wafir: Lluvia (4:02)
    15. Kiran Ahluwalia: Koka (4:58)
    16. Sambasunda Quintet: Jaleuleu Ja (3:52)
    17. Aurelio Martinez: Tili Bugudura (4:01)

    Disc 2

    1. Nafiya (5:07)
    2. Djou (5:34)
    3. Mama (5:03)
    4. Diananko (5:26)
    5. Sabou (5:00)
    6. Kènkan (5:19)
    7. Möko (5:30)
    8. Loniya (6:05)
    9. Desolé (5:05)
    10. Biriya (Rythmes Du Mandingue) (6:54)
    Learn More

  • The World Guide 11th Edition CD Rom

    The World Guide profiles every country on the planet. PLEASE NOTE THIS CD Rom WAS PUBLISHED IN 2007 Learn More

  • Multifunctional Radio

    A torch and FM radio powered by a solar panel and by winding. Learn More

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6 Item(s)

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