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  • Hurry Up and Wait by Isabel Ashdown

    In her eagerly anticipated second novel, Mail on Sunday Novel Competition winner Isabel Ashdown explores the treacherous territory of adolescent friendships, and traces across the decades the repercussions of a dangerous relationship. "In its themes of isolation, loneliness, selfishness, loss and misplaced trust Hurry Up and Wait is unsurpassed." - In Potentia Also available as an eBook Learn More
  • Flight by Isabel Ashdown

    Moving between the majestic coastline of North Cornwall and the leafy suburbs of London, Flight is a story of secrets and lies – and of the indelible traces that are left behind when someone tries to disappear. “A complex, yet beautifully woven story of love and relationships that is both heart-breaking and thought-provoking.” - Anne Cater Also available as an eBook Learn More
  • eBook: A Quiet Winter: A Short Story by Isabel Ashdown

    An exclusive short story by award-winning author Isabel Ashdown. "Isabel writes so exquisitely about the mess that is modern life, the relationships we have, as well as those we do our best to avoid." - The Nut Press "A beautifully written meditation on loss, grief, acceptance and the power of letting go." - Pamreader Learn More

  • eBook: Glasshopper by Isabel Ashdown

    Winner - Mail on Sunday Novel Competition 2008 Best Debut Novels of the Year - Observer 2008 Best Books of the Year - Evening Standard 2009 Shortlisted - Waverton Good Read Award 2009 At once troubling, funny and joyous, this is an intimate, lyrical and deeply moving story of an ordinary family crumbling under the weight of past mistakes. "A beautifully poignant, multi-layered family story. There is glorious detail in the writing which renders it truly memorable." - Bookersatz Learn More

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    Special Price £6.39

  • Noon in Paris, Eight in Chicago by Douglas Cowie

    Sharp and intimate, Douglas Cowie's reimagining of the turbulent love affair between Simone de Beauvoir and Nelson Algren asks what it means to love and be loved by the right person at the wrong time. 'This intoxicating portrayal of raw animal-magnetism is a reimagining of the love affair between Simone de Beauvoir and Nelson Algren. It is vividly atmospheric – the literary equivalent of stepping into a Hopper painting. I was walking those 1947 Chicago streets with them.' Pool Learn More
  • North Facing by Tony Peake

    A novel of awakening and atonement, this exquisitely realised story revisits a seminal boyhood moment as it plays out — with unexpected and sinister consequences — against the backdrop of political upheaval in South Africa. ‘This beautiful, moving novel is vast in how much it recounts and how deeply it makes us feel’ Edmund White Learn More
  • eBook: Remember, Remember by Lisa Cutts

    This second book in the DC Nina Foster series (now optioned for a major TV drama) is a taut and gripping police procedural crime novel. "If you love detective books, you are going to adore this one: fast-paced, brilliantly-plotted, and [...] every single word of it credible." - Brighton and Hove Independent Learn More

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    Special Price £6.39

  • eBook: Quilt by Nicholas Royle

    Nicholas Royle challenges and experiments with literary form to forge a new mode of storytelling that is both playful and inquisitive. Tender, absorbing and at times shockingly funny, this extraordinary novel is both mystery and love story. It confronts the mad hand of grief while embracing the endless possibilities of language. "An intense study of grief and mental disintegration, a lexical celebration and a psychological conundrum... Royle explores loss and alienation perceptively and inventively." - Guardian Learn More

    Regular Price: £7.99

    Special Price £6.39

  • An English Guide to Birdwatching by Nicholas Royle

    Compelling, audacious and dazzling in its linguistic playfulness and formal invention, An English Guide to Birdwatching explores the fertile hinterland between fact and fiction. In its focus on birds, climate change, the banking crisis, social justice and human migration, it is intensely relevant to wider political concerns; in its mischievous wit and wordplay, and post-modern (or ‘post-fiction’) sensibility, it pushes the boundaries of what a novel might be. ‘An English Guide to Birdwatching is a daring novel, both wickedly playful and deeply touching.’ Alison Moore Learn More
  • Revenge of the Tide by Elizabeth Haynes

    Elizabeth Haynes' second novel is a taut and gripping murder mystery introducing a compelling new heroine, Genevieve " office worker by day and pole dancer by night " who finds herself implicated in a mob underworld of murder, corruption and betrayal. "Full of suspense and intrigue and keeps the reader hanging on its every word, as well as being very well written... Very highly recommended." - Euro Crime Learn More

Items 21 to 30 of 60 total

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