Faces of Racism by Josef Szwarc

Faces of Racism looks at significant aspects of racism throughout world history. Powerfully illustrated, its A to Z format makes it easy to find out about different manifestations of racism, from apartheid to ZOG.



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The book seeks to illuminate the nature of racism by describing both the ideas of advocates and the deeds of perpetrators. The topics are arranged alphabetically with an entry for each letter from A to Z. Within each of the topics, the examples are intended to illustrate that racism is universal and that in various forms it has appeared throughout history. The topics and the illustrations are also intended to reflect that racism is pervasive, affecting how people behave in their personal relationships and in their public roles as emplouers, jurors, police officers and politicians. The books mentions a small number of people who have confronted racism at grave personal risk, but it is not only life and death situatuations that demand such strength. It takes courage to tell a relative, a friend or work colleague that their conduct is wrong. It takes courage to examine one's own attitudes and actions.

'This brilliant book introduces young adults and those who don't know to the ABC of racism.  A must.' 
(Pride magazine, October 2001)



1. Introduction - scope of the book; racism defined.
2. A-Z: Apartheid - racial segregation in South Africa and elsewhere. Blood - biological theories of race and racial characteristics. Caste - discrimination on the basis of birth. Driving while black - stereotyping and ‘institutional racism’. Ethnic cleansing - an old and global phenomenon. Faith - religion as a source of legitimating and opposing racism. Genocide - the most extreme form of racism. Hate speech - expressing and inciting racism; measures to restrict racist speech. Imperialism - racist justifications for conquest and control; efforts by colonized indigenous people to regain power. J’accuse - journalists and other defenders of victims of racism. KKK - major racist groups from the 19th century to present day and measures to combat them. Linguicide - suppression of indigenous languages. Miscegenation - legal and social sanctions to prohibit interracial marriage. Nuns of Drapchi - profile of people who have opposed racism. On the origins of the species - Charles Darwin’s influence. Porrajmos - racial prejudice, including genocide against Roma. Queers - racists and homophobia. Rape - sexual violence as a weapon of interracial conflict. Slavery - racism has justified and been reinforced by slavery. Truth - myths and lies have sustained and inflamed racial conflict. Underground railroad – escape from oppressors; today’s vilification of ‘traffickers’. ‘Volk’ - nationalism and racism; the debate between ‘assimilation’ and ‘multiculturalism’. White Man’s Burden - even benevolent imperialism was inherently racist. Xenophobia - reasons for fear and hatred of the ‘foreigner’; controversies over asylum seekers and immigrants. Yellow Peril - European/white antagonism to Chinese and other Asian migrants and states. ZOG – ‘Zionist Occupation Government’ - long-standing anti-semitic belief in Jewish power and conspiracy to control the world.
3. Bibliography - further reading and electronic resources.

Author: Josef Szwarc
ISBN: 978-1873328552
Format: 230 x 150 mm, 128 pages, illustrated
Publisher: Amnesty International UK

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